Sailing to Resume 12th November

To all members, YOU MAY START SAILING AGAIN. It is extremely important that we all adhere to the conditions that we have agreed with the Park. These can be seen below, please take the time to read them before Sunday.

Due to the present and ongoing situation with Coronavirus certain precautions will have to be taken to protect our members and members of the public.

Use of the lake will be limited to the stretch from the side gate to the steps and the bulge where fast boats are normally operated from. The stretch between the steps and the bridge will not be used thereby allowing the public to pass freely. Both areas will be marked out at two metre intervals and all members will be expected to abide by this spacing. Warning signs will also be displayed to discourage the public from encroaching on the areas used by the club. Attendance will be limited to 30 members at any one time.

Access to the lake will be as before, parking in the orangery car park and walking up to the lake, access to the side gate is reserved for those of limited mobility. Keys to the side gate to be collected from the lodge or by other means as the Park Management decide.

The store room and rescue boat will not be accessed for any reason until such time as the committee and the Park decide that this is safe. All boat rescues will be carried out by model rescue vessels or not at all.

For personal protection a spray bottle of hand sanitizer will be available by the side gate for the use of those operating the gate and any other person that sees fit to use it.

These “rules” will be communicated to every member of the club and displayed on site once the Park Management approve them.

Geoff Roberts (Chairman)

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