To all members, YOU MAY START SAILING AGAIN. It is extremely important that we all adhere to the conditions that we have agreed with the Park. These can be seen below, please take the time to read them before Sunday.

Due to the present and ongoing situation with Coronavirus certain precautions w...

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Dates for 2020

Date Event
10th - 13th April Easter - HAG Boats Cancelled
23rd - 25th May Whitsun - HAG Boats Cancelled
13th June Barry Show Cancelled
27th June Llantwit Major Show Cancelled
25th - 26th July

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Rick Jones

16, Nov

To all members of the club, it is with great sadness that I have to inform you that Rick Jones has passed away this morning (15/5/20). Rick was a founder member of the club and has served in many different roles, giving a vast amount of time to the club, he was active until very recently. He will be...

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Chairman: Geoff R
President: Rick J
Vice-Chairman: Gareth B
Treasurer: Kelvin H
Club Secretary: Rob S
Events Manager: Andy P
Events Secretary: Rob S


Sailing: Rob S to continue until a replacment can be found
Scale: Duncan
Fast boat: No appointment was made

Non commi


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2019 Club 500 Competition

We've been racing Club 500 electric boats for a number of years now and is getting more popular every year. We using the original Club 500 rules and regulations to ensure all boats completed to a standard specification to provide a close level of racing, and keep costs do...

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