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Hi all. Just to thank all that turned up in the rain on Friday to help with the marquee and get things ready for the long week end. Soon had them up and running . Well done all.Again thank you to all who managed the have a go boats, it was busy most of the time.
We had some wind on the Sunday,, so we took advantage and had a few yacht races, which brought the crowds in to spectate, and I think they enjoyed it almost as much as the members who were racing.
A  very happy member who had only just bout his first Yacht that morning was talked into racing it , and had fun in doing so, even more delight in coming second in one of the races, well done Duncan.
On the Monday we decided to have fast boat racing, and that pleased the crowds as well, especially when they collided and flipped onto their sides, which they seemed to enjoy e en more .
Time to pack up, thunder in the distance, so it was a race to get the marquee down before the rain, which we did. Surprising what we can do in record time when the need arises, hehe.
Most of the week end was completed without the help of our master and coordinator Andy, who had been the target of the flying army of mosies and their friends who had made a right meal of him, which put him out of action, he was laid up most of the time feeling quite poorly.
With that in mind , thanks to all who rallied  round to get his car and caravan home. Andy carried home by his wife Sue , with Andy laid out face down across the back seat of her car .
( photos, are free, videos £15:00 ) lol. Andy back home safe, under medication being nursed by Sue and Abigail. Get well soon Andy.
Can’t think of any more to ramble on about, so once again . Thank you.
Looking forward to our next outing which will be
Chunky Monkey  9th June,   
So until then ,  see you there. Ken (Chair)

Rob this ones got your name all over it!


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I suppose we all have trouble with our electrics from time to time, so here is an important tip that might help many of you when building your model. Thanks Rob!

Hi all just to let everyone know that the next club 500 race is on the 3rd June, but over the bank Holliday we might have a few friendly races. If you let me know if you are interested I will arrange for a course to be set up.
         Cheers.  Bill

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Hi all. How about a chairman’s Challenge?
The theme for the park week end is recycling. The Challenge.Make a boat out of household rubbish, must be recycled rubbish?. Have a think about it and let me know if there is any interest for it. Must be household recycled rubbish. Upto about three foot long. Two channel only. Any form of power plant. All in the aim of fun Cheers for now Ken.


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Membership is due for renewal and is £27, if you wish to re-join, please complete the form and post or hand it to me with £27. I hope to see you all at the Lake soon.Geoff.

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