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Our main aim is to promote friendship and harmony for the benefit of the members, through the common interest of modelling. We offer three levels of membership - Full, Junior and Social. Details can be found below.

Top Location

Situated in the beautiful grounds of a 19th Century Tudor Gothic Mansion, Margam Country Park has been our home for over 20 years. There are two lakes that we use; the fishing lake and once a month the "New pond", which has spectacular views across the lake to where the wild deer graze.

Expert Advice

Whilst we rarely practise what we preach, we have a huge breadth of knowledge within the club, from sailors that have been around the world, to ex-service men to skilled tradesmen. No matter the query, whether it is about the best adhesive to use or a question on electronics, we will be happy to help a fellow sailor in need.


Membership includes, as standard, third-party insurance up to the value of £5,000,000 to cover any claims against you should anybody be injured in the course of sailing. Obviously, we hope that this is never required, but as with any activity in the public domain, the insurance gives you peace of mind. The insurance covers you for other sailing activity outside of Margam, but does not cover flying.

Rescue Boat

A rescue boat with a small electric outboard motor is available for members’ use should the worst happen and you get your boat stuck on the island or entangled on a buoy. Again, this gives peace of mind. We also have a rescue RC boat that generally avoids having to use a real boat 99% of the time and often comes to the rescue of the absent minded, those suffering from a technic glitch or those who are simply incompetent(!).

Yearly Membership Costs

Please note, membership runs from November to November. Don't forget you will need to purchase a Margam Country Park Car Park Season pass in addition to the membership fee.

Full includes
3rd Party Insurance (£5m)
Unlimited sailing
Rescue boat available
Early bird discounts
Voting Rights
Junior Includes
Under 16 years
3rd Party Insurance (£5m)
Rescue boat available
Early bird discounts
No voting rights
No sailing rights
Unlimited talking
No voting rights
Share a common interest
Social events & trips

Events & Shows

We regularly run shows over bank holiday weekends and school holidays to showcase our models and hopefully to inspire a new generation of model RC enthusiasts with our 'Have a Go' boats. We regularly attend shows around south Wales exhibiting our models to other clubs and groups.

Park Membership

A Margam Country Park season car parking pass is required (purchased directly from the park) and valid for a whole year from the day of purchase. This is an additional mandatory cost when joining the club, but this offers great value and of course you can return any time you like with the family or friends.


After sailing on Sundays, we can be found having a coffee and tasty snack in Charlotte's Pantry in the Castle Visitor Centre Courtyard. On Thursdays, we go off site for a 'fry up' at Georgies Cafe in Pyle and then if the weather is calm, spend the afternoon trying to fly our RC planes.

Still have questions?

If you have any questions about membership that aren't answered above, please contact us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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