Rick Jones

Rick Jones

25, Oct

To all members of the club, it is with great sadness that I have to inform you that Rick Jones has passed away this morning (15/5/20). Rick was a founder member of the club and has served in many different roles, giving a vast amount of time to the club, he was active until very recently. He will be greatly missed.

Rick’s funeral is to be held on the 28th May (next Thursday) at 1.45pm. It is to take place at Coychurch crematorium. As you are aware in these strange circumstances we are only allowed a very limited number of attendees at a funeral. Eileen has asked that one place should be allocated to the club, after discussing several options we have decided that, as chairman, I should have the privilege of representing the club, which I will be honoured to do. We are, however, aware that Rick was such a popular person, and long standing club member, that many of you would like to attend.

The only way we can get near to this is by lining the route, Andy is planning this and I suggest that any of you who wish to show your respect speak to him.

Geoff Roberts (Chairman)

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