Racing Detail

Each event consists of 4 races, one loop, two M Courses and a handicapped race with the slower finishing boats starting with a time advantage in the fourth and final race of the day.

Note: Club 500 racing whilst not a contact sport does involve a little 'bumping and banging' so we highly recommend your boat has additional floation aids fitted.

Club 500 Racing Course Detail

1. Loop

The first race of each event is a simple loop (clockwise or anti clockwise) which gives everyone to get a feel for racing and get your eye in.

2. Clockwise

Following the traditional 'M' course in a clockwise direction.

3. Anti-Clockwise

The third race of each meeting is an anti-clockwise 'M' with the finisihing line between the starting gates and the centre of the course.

Note: 4 laps per race.

Scoring System

Points are allocated based on the number of entries, with one point awarded for first places, two for second etc. Points for not finishing a race are the number of boats +1, not starting the event is number of boats +2.

Example Points Table

Based on six boats taking part.

Finishing Position Points Awarded
1 1
2 2
3 3
DNF (Did not finish) 5 + 1
DNS (Did not start) 5 + 2
Disqualified 5 + 3