2019 IOM Course

IOM Racing Detail

Each event weekend consists of 3 races, of 3 laps. The number of laps can occassionally change due to wind levels.

IOM Racing Course Details

Course briefing 9:45

The race briefing takes place 15 minutes before the alloted start time.

Yachts on the water 9:55

All yachts must be on the water and behind the start / finish line 5 minutes before the start.

60 second count down

A 60 second countdown will start.


Any boats adjudged to be over the start line must return to cross the line agian or be disqualified. A signal of 'all clear' will be called if no boats have attracted a penatly.

Note: 3 laps per race.

IOM Scoring System

Points are allocated based on the number of entries, with one point awarded for first places, two for second etc. Points for not finishing a race are the number of boats +1, not starting the event is number of boats +2.

Example Points Table

Based on six yachts taking part.

Finishing Position Points Awarded
1 1
2 2
3 3
DNF (Did not finish) 6 + 1
DNS (Did not start) 6 + 2
Disqualified 6 + 3