Micro Magic

There are six events planned to try and get some wind in the sails ?
Dates for the races are ;

April 2nd
April 30th
June 11th
July 9th
Aug 6th
Sep 3rd

So get them out cleaned up, rigged up, checked over , and join th fun

It would be nice to see numbers on your sail , for easy recognition.
You can use paint , marker pen, (or sticky patches if you don't want them on permanent.)

As they are smaller than the others we have raced.  The format will be

Four races per event
Four laps per race
Course details at 09:45, first race 10:00.
Scoring will be as other races.

1st = 1 point, 2nd = 2points, 3rd = 3points, 4th = 4points, etc , etc, etc.

Did not Finnish , = number of boats + 1 point.
Did not start ,    = number of boats + 2 points

So at the end of the day , the lowest number of points will be the winner.