Just a few lines to all who have an interest in Club 500 racing,and maybe generate fresh support in others .

I took over the position of “Fast Boat “ rep from Ken Newman earlier in the year ,and have
to admit that I have taken a while to get organised .
Down to business,the first “Club 500” event ,a balloon burst ,was run a few weeks ago with, it has to be admitted, more enthusiasm
than competitors(two boats); which was probably an advantage as the rep did not have a clue how to attach the balloon.
The spectators were treated to the spectacle of John Yeardley`s boat “running” at a snails pace dragging the balloon sideways
through the water.The answer , very simple really ,was provided by Gareth.
Two heats were run ,both balloons were burst by the rep ,one with the pointer attached to the bow and the other with the propeller.
The intention is to re-introduce Club 500 events in the club ,the next race sometime in July and at the Margam Show in August,
where it is hoped to run both races and balloon bursts. If the general public can see the amount of fun generated by running these
little boats, there is a chance that some will join us. The club which cannot attract new members can only wither away.
If you have a Club 500 in the attic or wherever,please dust it off and join the races.
Many Thanks, Trevor